Night of Ideas


Night of Ideas, let's (re)build together

During the 7th edition of the Night of Ideas coordinated by the Institut Français, taking place on January 27th 2022, cultural institutions around the world will host discussions around the theme "(Re)building together". 
The theme has been chosen to explore the resilience and reconstruction of societies faced with singular challenges, the solidarities and cooperation between individuals, groups and states, the mobilisation of civil societies and the challenges of building and making our objects.

The Roundtable | (Re)building the Art World Together: Which opportunities with NFTs?

The new "phenomenon" of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), inviolable property titles via the blockchain, can be applied to any digital object: photo, video, music, video game element (and even a tweet or an excerpt from a sporting event).
To own the title of these "crypto arts" millions of dollars can be at stake. In addition to the new speculative bubble aspect, NFTs also promise a new experience in online video games or museums, and to revolutionize the creation-distribution model of works.
During this roundtable, join us to hear experiences from artists and professionals from the artistic, technological and academic world to understand what opportunities NFTs offer in terms of creation, diffusion and cultural consumption.


The speakers

Dorothy Woodend Moderator

Dorothy Woodend is the culture editor for The Tyee. Dorothy holds degrees in English from Simon Fraser University and film animation from Emily Carr University. She has worked in many different cultural disciplines, including producing contemporary dance and new music concerts, running a small press, programming film festivals, as well as writing for newspapers and magazines across Canada and the U.S. Dorothy is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the Vancouver Film Critics Circle, and is the senior festival advisor for DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver.

Jesse McKee Speaker

Jesse McKee is Head of Strategy at 221A, organization working with artists and designers to research and develop social, cultural and ecological infrastructure. McKee is the lead investigator on 221A’s Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks Digital Strategy and also co-founder (with the artist Neïll Beloufa) of, a node and platform for the distribution of cultural experiences and products, in digital and physical spaces, specializing in the emergence of Web3 tools; blockchain, NFTs and new community tokenization projects.

Philippe Pasquier Speaker

Philippe Pasquier is a Professor at SFU School of Interactive Arts + Technology, and is bullish on distributed systems and decentralization since 1999. Recent Web 3 technologies are changing the way art is being owned, exchanged and monetized, but this movement is also powering new cultural developments and impacting how we relate to art and the creative processes themselves.

Rhea Myers Speaker

Rhea Myers is an artist, hacker and writer originally from the UK now based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Her work places technology and culture in mutual interrogation to produce new ways of seeing the world as it unfolds around us. Rhea stands out as perhaps the most important and overlooked artist in the crypto art movement; few have quietly offered more to the medium. Myers was one of the earliest creatives to adopt blockchain technology as an instrument for artistic creation in 2014. Myers’ pioneering role in the digital art space is yet to be fully recognised. Myers’ also works as a Senior Smart Contract Developer for Dapper Labs, Vancouver.



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