Suzanne Buckley

Marc Tabet

Marc joined the board in 2021. 

I’m a professional Engineer in British Columbia working as a Project Management Professional. I’m analytical, entrepreneurial, responsible professional driven by significance and learning. I’m also passionate about engineering/technology, sustainability and human behavior.

I have a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut and a Masters in Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia. I completed my engineering background with an Accredited Training in Personal Development Consultancy/Coaching.
I have lived and worked in 4 countries. Adaptable, fluent in French, English and Arabic and enjoying a conversational level in Spanish, I have great affinity to connecting with people.

I am in part French and greatly appreciative of French Language and Culture that I like to promote through my participation to the AFV among other. I like hosting dinners, socializing, playing tennis, skiing, doing High Intensity Trainings and keeping informed by reading about topics I like.