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Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a theatre stage, completely immersed in a performance with the dancers. In a 40-minute experience, you plunge into the heart of three emblematic works from their repertoires, adapted especially for the occasion: The Complex Simplicity of Love by Margie Gillis, Allegro Barbaro by Hélène Blackburn and 6.58 manifesto by Andrea Peña. Discover contemporary dance in a new light, a new way of experiencing the body in movement!

In French or in English
Québec, Canada
VR 360



Hélène Blackburn / Cas Public 
At the helm of the dance company Cas Public for more than 30 years, Hélène Blackburn is a leading figure in contemporary dance and a prominent artistic ambassador with audiences of all ages.

Margie Gillis
At the forefront of modern dance for more than 47 years, internationally acclaimed dance Artist Margie Gillis is one of the most influential Canadian choreographers/dancers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Andrea Peña
Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Andrea Peña is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative practice combines elements of installation, choreography and design.


Hélène Blackburn / Cas Public – Allegro Barbaro
Choreography and artistic direction
– Hélène Blackburn Rehearsal director – Jérémy Galdeano Performers Cai Glover – Alexander Ellison – Laura Vande Zande  – Adrian Maxwell-Campagna – Élodie Scholtes Labrecque – Aicha Ben Chaaboune – Mateo Picone – Raphael Bouchard – Florence Hughes – Anja Fanslau Music – Martin Tétreault Lighting design  Emmanuel Landry in collaboration with Hélène Blackburn Costumes – Michael Slack

Margie Gillis – The Complex Simplicity of Love
Choreography and Artistic Direction – Margie Gillis Performers – Margie Gillis – Geneviève Boulet –  Susan Paulson Lighting Design –  Pierre Lavoie Music – G.F. Häendel – Singers –  Quartom – Kerry Bursey –  Benoit Le Blanc –  Philippe Martel – Julien Patenaude Costumes – Denis Gagnon –  Sonya Bayer Coordinator  Anita Czeski

Andrea Peña – 6.58 Manifesto
Artistic Director Andrea Peña Choreography –  Andrea Peña in co-creation with the artists Performers –  Nicholas Bellefleur Gabby Kachan –  Jean-Benoît Labrecque –  Jontae McCrory –  Erin O’loughlin  Francois Richard  Frédérique Rodier  Laura Toma Soprano Erin Lindsay ■  Sound Designer –  Marc Bartissol alias dull ■  Set Design Andrea Peña, Alexis Gosselin ■  Set Design –  Jonathan Saucier Artistic Advisor Hélène Simard ■  Lighting Designer Hugo Dalphond Costumes Polina Boltova Rodolfo Moraga ■  VR Production Assistant –  Bobby Leon

Production Agora de la danse Artistic Direction Francine Bernier ■  Associate producer and Technical director –  Alex Larrègle Logistic Coordination Tiffany Penet –  Vanessa Bousquet Stage Manager –  Emmanuel Landry Artistic Direction –  Studio La Fougue Executive Producer –  Alexandre Barrette Director Francis Corbeil Unreal Engine integrator –  Marc-Antoine Gautreau Data-Wrangler –  Mélisandre Bouchard-Berger Sound Designer: Marc-Olivier Germain