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Dragon Magic, Freedom Giants

Meticulously hand-painted by Juliana Loh in Google Tiltbrush, Dragon Magic, Freedom Giants unveils two mesmerizing VR worlds within the ENGAGE platform. One whispers reflection and self-discovery while the other roars with the celebration of action and exploration.

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Juliana Loh
A visionary designer working at the intersection of art, storytelling and experience design, Juliana Loh has been painting in Google Tiltbrush VR on various platforms since 2019. Her work reflects her love of design and music and her celebration of various cultures enables her to promote diversity and inclusion from a rich and imaginative point of view. With experiences in branding, education and games, Juliana continuously explores her passion in XR innovation while building narratives or worlds on various immersive social-VR themed platforms. Juliana consults on story-based and experience design projects, juries festivals and facilitates VR empathy building workshops. She is drawn to the many opportunities within the emerging media universe and is thrilled and honored to have had her work featured in XR Festivals.

Mada de Leeuw
VR World Creator Harnessing the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge technology, Mada is a digital artist specializing in the creation of immersive 3D models for digital experiences and interactive virtual worlds. With over a decade of expertise acquired at Daz3D, she excels in producing top-tier 3D models, a skill that is very valuable in designing and optimizing captivating VR environments and interactive experiences. In addition to artistic talents, she possesses a wealth of experience in project management and art direction within the publishing industry, allowing her to effectively oversee and guide creative endeavors.

Chris Madsen
Chris Madsen comes from a 20-year career in behavioral health administration and programming. Experiencing social presence via VR in 2013 changed his professional trajectory when he recognized the disruptive implications that teleporting our consciousness to shared digital spaces would have on the way humans work, learn, socialize, and play. Chris maintains a strong pulse on the evolving intersections of social, educational, artistic, and entertainment developments within the XR space. Throughout his career, Chris has collaborated with a myriad of creators, crafting XR experiences that captivate audiences with sensations of awe, wonder, and delight. Currently, as the Senior Sales Engineer at ENGAGE XR, Chris is at the forefront of delivering innovative virtual solutions spanning collaboration, communication, training, education, and events.


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