©Romain Lalire

LE geste magique

Exhibition of 20 pictures in augmented reality on the work of the gesture, the repetition of this one to manage to make invisible the visible. The hands come alive in augmented reality and reveal the work of manipulation necessary to create illusions. The tablet or the phone act as a window on the magician's workshop, allowing us to witness, for a few seconds, the making of the impossible.

Exposition de 20 photographies en réalité augmentée sur le travail du geste, la répétition de celui-ci pour arriver à rendre invisible le visible. Les mains s’animent en réalité augmentée et révèlent le travail de manipulation nécessaire à la création d’illusions. La tablette ou le téléphone font office de fenêtre sur l’atelier du magicien, nous permettant d’assister, le temps de quelques secondes, à la fabrique de l’impossible

All ages
AR photo exhibition


Romain Lalire
Fascinated by the loss of reference points, Romain Lalire tries to materialize it with a sensitive and multidisciplinary approach. It was during his training in the art of mime at the international school of Mimodrame Marcel Marceau that the question of the materialisation of the invisible has become one of its research axes. Claiming his desire to reveal the most beautiful in the invisible, while transforming it into an image from various mediums, his artistic practice evolves over time, going from mime to magic and finally sliding towards visual art. So many fabulous tools with which he now composes to better question reality and our relationships to images: our use of digital tools, the multiplicity of media, our (over) consumption of media and omnipresence of technologies in our lives. His works tend to give meaning to all this profusion and materialise it through photographic exhibitions and interactive installations. 



Photographies :  Romain Lalire  ■ Production : Studio de l'imaginaire Exposition présentée dans le cadre du PIDS au CDA d'Enghien-les-Bains.