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Founded by the artist/researcher and exhibition curator Judith Guez, Recto VRso is an international Art and Virtual Reality festival in Laval, France.
As part of Recto VRso, the official ‘Art&VR Gallery’ exhibition presents artworks selected by Judith Guez after an international call for projects (2020 - 2021 theme: Real body/Virtual body).

Because of COVID restrictions, Judith Guez decided to experiment another way to present the scenography and artworks planned for 2020 edition: a virtual exhibition of the Art&VR Gallery of Recto VRso 2020. 

With her team, they created a 3D model of this space and elements of the planned scenography, and imagined an interpretation of each artwork in the virtual space, based on some elements provided by the artists.

CREDITS | General art director, Scenography, 3D integration: Judith Guez ;  Assistant art director, CG Art creation: Julien Lomet; Real time CG Artist: Guillaume Bertinet ; Logistics manager content: Maximilien Fournier ; Web implementation: Maxence Colet

For Recto VRso @Vancouver, this Virtual Gallery created by Judith Guez was adapted into a Multi-user Virtual Reality platform built by Vancouver based company Kreis Immersive.

CREDITS | Multiuser VR Platform & Launcher: Kreis Immersive 2020

aRTWORKS inside the gallery 


0AR is an immersive AR experience merging dance and technology. Explore a collection of short dance works using connected tablets and move and interact with the performance, your actions have a unique influence on the piece. 0AR is inspired by Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s masterpiece ‘zero degrees’ (2005) which explores living with dual cultural identities in a modern world. 

David's Gaze_Valerie Wolf Gang and Miha Godec

David’s Gaze is a spatial installation, consisting of a pedestal on which the visitor steps and places their head in the 3D printed David’s head in which he sees her/his view - a spatial scene that relates to the future and the impact of modern technologies on life. The visitor on the pedestal symbolically becomes David. The public becomes part of the installation. The project is about working with materials as well as the very process of cooperation between human and technology.

Body remixer_iSpace Lab

Body RemiXer is an immersive installation that connects bodies through movement and touch. It explores full body interaction between immersants in an aesthetic experience where their virtual bodies can connect, mix, and swap. Body RemiXer virtually expands upon bodies to support real connections.

I,Human_Saint Machine

I, HUMAN is a body installation of eight luminous sculptures using human empathy as content to influence the feeding conditions of microorganisms, and laser light as active content carrier. Developed around the idea of interconnectivity, it analyses how individual interactions can produce collective outcomes at different scales. It is a metaphor for our evolution as a species, which may depend on our capacity to empathise.

Traces_Sonya Khalfallah

Traces is a series of interactive performative installations that stages a dynamic paintings. The viewer moves to draw a virtual painting with his body ,more precisely his hands, in real time. Each paint is accompanied by a music in accordance with its theme allowing the viewer to escape and unleash his bodily and creativity during the virtual creation.

Self Suspense Ion_AKA Collective

Self Suspense Ion is a participatory multimedia art installation where we invite the attendees to ride a physical swing in an immersive projected space. This kinesthetic experience transports your body and mind to an abstract world using virtual reality technology to explore the idea of embodied cognition. We invite the audience to reflect on the thoughts, feelings and perception of reality that the piece evokes as they transition from the real to the virtual state. An array of emotions surface - ranging from nostalgia and joy to even isolation and loss.

Uncontained_Doug Rosman

Uncontained uses a neural network trained to see the world as variations of the artist’s body. This interactive installation synthesizes surreal figures unconstrained by physics, biology and time, and struggles to contend with the body as a subject of multiplicity.

Passenger_Isobel Knowle & Van Sowerwine

Passenger is a 360 degree stop-motion VR film that tells the story of arriving in a new country to live. Your taxi driver, himself a migrant to Australia, navigates the new terrain with you, acting as your guide while also revealing small parts of his own story.The public will be able to live this poetical experience and discover some of the original scenography elements that were used to create it.

RCO Remixed_K.Danse

Navigation / displacement experiment in virtual reality based on the choreography Radical Choreographic Object (, dance performance designed by Jean-Marc Matos and Sarah Fdili Alaoui with Ambre Cazier , Izaskun Insausti, David Mazon, Mario Garcia Saez. Installation by Frédéric Daubagna and Jean-Marc Centenero (Aestetype).

Serial portraits VR_Sigrid Coggins

The visitor takes place at a table. In front of him, he finds paper, a pencil and the VR headset. As soon as he puts it on, he finds himself in a similar device. A character approaches him: the artist’s avatar, who asks him to paint his portrait. This experiment proposes an intervention at the borders of the virtual and the real: the head in the VR and the hands in the real. Throw yourself in the blank page…

Les invisibles_Georgik and the magic team

In this experience you will be looking up to the ceiling, we feel this vertigo of the fall, placed under a glass floor, where huge bare feet of levitating girls sting and swirl towards us, while dogs in suspension trot and swirl, with waves of crows occasionally grabbing these panties or caps. Obviously, some half-virtual or gnawed clothing such as filters let through, porous membranes, some emotions rather than others.

Keep in touch_Martina Menegon

“keep in touch” is an uncomfortable Virtual Reality experience, in which hundreds of randomly generated wet-looking hands form a cloud that surrounds and traps the user. Their fingers float, bounce and point while being extremely close, almost suffocating. The user is left helplessly immerse in these hand looking creatures that should not be felt, yet are strongly perceivable.

Sharky Sharky_Coco team

Our AR experience immerses the users into an aquatic environment they can interact with. The app detects horizontal and vertical surfaces and gradually fill them up with aquatic fauna and flora in accordance with surroundings. Schools of fish, turtles, and sharks move around the users and affect each other.

Exister_Scenocosme : Grégory Lassarre & Anaïs met den Ancxt

This interactive artwork observes people and creates a link between a fictional character and passers-by. The interactions with visitors give it an existence, a recognition. The character also wants to be photographed in order to exist on social networks.

Heterotopia_Neon Minuit

Heterotopia is a multiplayer participative point cloud garden where digital sculptures live between the breathing one. The only VR headset in the middle of the crowd is the occasion to touch and be touched, to challenge the distinction between what is moving and what is not.

[PREVIEw] Jellyfish always cared_Mélodie Mousset and Eduardo Fouilloux

This is a preview showcase of the piece "Jellyfish always cared" by Mélodie Mousset and Eduardo Fouilloux.
Dive untethered into the deep water of your consciousness and let a swarm of sensitive Jellyfish hypnotize you.


RECTO VRSO FESTIVAL Creator of Recto VRso Virtual Gallery

Founded by the artist/researcher and exhibition curator Judith Guez, Recto VRso is an international Art and Virtual Reality festival in Laval, France

Judith Guez: Curator & General Art Director
Dr. Judith Guez is an artist – curator in VR/MR. Her research focuses on understanding and creating illusions between reality and virtuality to explore new artistic forms, mobilizing the concept of presence and wonder. She has exhibited many artworks in several international venues. She is currently founder and director of the Laval Virtual's artistic division. In this context, she has created in 2018 the international Art&VR festival Recto VRso in Laval (France).  She is co-founder of VRAC (VR Art Collective).

KREIS IMMERSIVE Creator of the Multi-User platform for the Virtual Gallery

At Kreis Immersive, we are driven to enable our clients to maintain, and create meaningful connections with their customers. Especially in these pandemic times, we are focused in building a solution to reinvigorate these connections with our unique platform, the Kreis Podium Platform that is currently debuting as Early Access. A foundational platform to manage, create and navigate meaningful, multiuser XR Worlds. As a company, we observe that the barriers between physical and digital realities are continuously blurring, and in response we are enabling experiences that bridge the two. Experiences that provoke the senses, evoke the imagination and allow us to interact, build and connect with each other in ways we couldn’t do alone. The company was founded by Marco Cermusoni and Yangos Hadjiyannis, and are inviting you to join in a special voyage between realities, with RectoVRso 2020! We couldn’t do what we do without the unyielding support of our loved ones, the wisdom of our mentors and the amazing work of: Alex Lourenco, Andres Urquijo, Adam Peregovits, Basel Nashashibi, Hector Alzate, Josh Miller, Kavya Satyakumar.

ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE VANCOUVER Organiser of Recto VRso @Vancouver

L’Alliance Française de Vancouver (AFV) is a cultural centre and a recognized establishment for teaching French as a foreign language. AFV is a local non-profit society founded in 1904. It is part of an international network with a shared mission to promote the French language and francophone cultures. Every year, AFV organizes around 70 events welcoming more than 3,500 attendees in its space. In 2019, AFV worked with 50 cultural partners on the delivery of its programs. Each year, more than 14,000 hours of classes are taught to over 2,600 students.