community at the heart of this project

In continuity with its vision to nurture a thriving community and offer affordable spaces to gather, Alliance Française Vancouver (AFV) has entered a formal Community Use Agreement with the City of Vancouver. This means that spaces in the new building – performing space, art gallery, demonstration kitchen, classrooms etc. will be available at special rates to the community. AFV is proud to add these new spaces and additional professional resources to the cultural ecosystem of the City where access to and affordability of appropriately-sized spaces have long been constant challenges for emerging artists and non-profit groups in particular. AFV is looking forward to welcoming you all in its green and universally accessible facility in 2023.

final approval of rezoning and form of development

The rezoning application was unanimously approved (subject to conditions) by the City Council at the Public Hearing of December 10, 2019. Since receiving the follow-up legal paperwork in August 2020, Alliance Française Vancouver has been working tirelessly with its architects, consultants, lawyer, and construction manager to ensure that the project meets all the prior-to approval conditions set by the City. The paperwork was finalized this March and the new zoning by-law has been finally enacted at the City Council meeting of 13 April.  This confirms that AFV has met all the legal conditions of rezoning. This also validates the form of development for the new project. Importantly, this approval is critical in unlocking the next permit approvals

application for the demolition permit and building permit submitted

After multiple rounds of reviews to ensure that the building project meets with the Vancouver Building By-law and the Cambie Corridor Plan, AFV submitted its application for a building permit last February 2021. At the same time, since AFV will demolish the current building and build a new facility on the same site, a demolition permit is also required.

AFV understands that the demolition permit could be issued by end of May and building permit by end June. The delays in obtaining permits have been a concerning issue so far. However, AFV is encouraged by the recent article in the Vancouver Sun which advocates for reforms and a speedier delivery of permit approvals. This will ensure that projects, such as AFV’s are able to move forward and add its unique vibrancy and dynamism to the community and cultural life of Vancouver.

the government of canada supports us

We are pleased to start this year with a very good news. Our grant application from the Department of Canadian Heritage has been approved. A contribution will be designated towards the cultural spaces in our new building project. After receiving the support of the City and the Province of British Columbia, this support comes at an opportune time, strengthening our drive and ambition to move forward with this project – the creation of your centre for language, culture, and community.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Nous sommes heureux de commencer cette année avec une très bonne nouvelle. Notre demande de subvention au ministère du Patrimoine canadien a été approuvée. Une contribution sera apportée aux espaces culturels de notre nouveau projet de construction. Après avoir reçu le soutien de la Ville et de Province de la Colombie-Britannique, ce soutien intervient à un moment opportun, renforçant notre volonté et notre ambition d'aller de l'avant avec ce projet - la création de votre centre de langue, de culture et de communauté.

Nous reconnaissons l'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada. 

supported by the province of british columbia

We are encouraged by the recent support received from the B.C. Francophone Affairs Program under the Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat. The grant of $75K will support the creation of the media library in the new AFV building. We cannot wait to welcome you and your family to the revitalised space, which will house the largest collection of French language items in B.C.

first grant of 2020 - city of vancouver


We are extremely pleased to share that AFV received a grant confirmation of $175K from the City of Vancouver towards the purchase of permanent equipment for the new Performing Space and Art Gallery. This comes in addition to the grant we received last year for total grant of $250,000 from the City of Vancouver.  It is a welcome encouragement as we pursue our fundraising efforts and forge ahead with the new building project against the backdrop of COVID-19.

We are grateful to the City for this show of support for the Vancouver cultural scene.

submission of development permit & finalization of construction documents


We are pleased to share that we submitted an application for the building Development Permit to the City of Vancouver on the 24th March. The City will conduct a detailed review of the plans, notify surrounding properties and consider the overall impact of the new AFV building on the livability and functionality of the Cambie Corridor neighbourhood. Over the next few months, we will pursue discussions with the City culminating in the approval of the permit.

We are grateful to the team of architects, construction managers and engineers who have been working relentlessly, despite the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in ensuring that the design and construction documents move ahead. We are now at 75% completion.

rezoning application approved


2019 is coming to an end with some big news for Alliance Française! On December 10, our rezoning application was approved by the City of Vancouver. Councillors and staff debated at length many possibilities to reduce city fees and support additional funding options. We are now proceeding to the next step: the Development Permit and hoping to start construction in 2020. Thanks to everyone who came to support our application at City Hall: your presence and your speeches in support of the project were very much appreciated. The large community support was no doubt a major reason for getting unanimous approval from City Councillors! The focus for 2020 will be finance and we are looking for experienced volunteers to join our fundraising committee. Please don’t hesitate to bring your enthusiasm. Best wishes to all for the holidays.

public hearing

Join us on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 6 pm City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue Third Floor, Council Chamber 

Public hearing for our rezoning project is finally scheduled for december 10! What is at stake? During this hearing, the city council will give its approval on our reconstruction project. This is a very important step for us and we need your support more than ever. As this is a public meeting, the more people will attend to support us, the better! So we invite you to join us on Dec. 10. Thanks a lot for your support!

attention - access to parking temporary modified

Due to the constructions on Cambie area, the city of Vancouver closed Ash street from 45th to 49th avenue. Access to the back lane to our parking lot (at rear) is only possible from 49th avenue. The city expects to re-open Ash street early 2020. Please note that 45th West street is also expected to be closed until december 2019.