Thibault Sendra

Thibault Sendra

Exhibition: "Freedom of Being"

June 5 - June 30
Opening on June 18
Auditorium Georges Brassens

Artistic Statement

"Born in Roubaix, France, I grew up in both France and Belgium, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Digital Art in Brussels, Belgium.

My motive as an artist is to capture the essence of a person or the soul of a moment. Through my creative process, I liberate my being from social conformity and socially imposed behaviours. When I paint, my brush becomes a magic wand as I start searching for combinations of brush strokes.

By translating emotions into images, I project a subjectivity, transforming reality to inspire raw emotions in the viewer. People can feel and see this energy when watching me paint live. Once I start painting by myself or with a public, nothing seems to stop my eyes, arms or hands.

When asked to classify my style, I like to describe it as Expressionism. My work is part of private collections in various major cities, such as Paris, Vancouver and Dubai.
In Vancouver, BC, I am represented by Art Works Gallery".

Thibault Sendra's works

Thibault Sendra - Doors of possibility from thibault sendra on Vimeo.

More info on his website.