Rose Eysmond

Rose Eysmond  "reflecting beauty"

From February 28 to March 31
Opening on Friday, February 28 - 6:30pm
At the Auditorium Georges Brassens

Rose Eysmond (real name Anastasia Barabanova) was born in
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, from a very artistic family. Her mother is a
writer and her father is a philosopher. Very early in her childhood, her
father noticed her talent for art and sent her to an art school for young
children. Later she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in
Saint-Petersburg. She graduated in 2004 with the masterʼs degree of
Fine Arts. The steady hand of this elegant lady and outstanding talent for
conveying her ideas to canvas brings a quiver to the hearts of anyone
seeing her paintings for the first time.

Currently Rose lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She is continuously
inspired by the beauty of its nature and scenery. Her medium of choice is
oil and acrylic on canvas, which is an ideal match to her symbolic style
that bridges the gap between classical school painting and decorative
art. Her paintings often contain figurative elements that transcend the
reality of everyday life.

Rose has practiced her art in several different geographical locations.
During the years she spent in France and in New Mexico USA, she
participated in a number of shows and was honored with several awards.
In 2005 she received the Jury's choice award and southwestern prize
from the Roswell Fine Arts League and New Mexico Art Society. Her art
work has been shown in the Greater Vancouver area since she moved
there in March 2006.

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