Pierre Leichner

Pierre Leichner: Once upon a time there was on a planet

From May 29 to June 21
Opening on Thursday, May 29 - 6:30pm
At the Alliance Française Auditorium

Pierre Leichner describes himself as an interdisciplinary research artist. He became a full time artist after a 35 year career as an academic psychiatrist. His practice has evolved to be a composite of socially engaged art, environmental art, and installation art.
In his exhibition, Pierre Leichner shows the similarities between Science and Art. At their core, they share the pursuit of meaning. However, whereas science claims to use mostly objective and quantitative methods, art uses more qualitative and abstract means. This multidisciplinary appreciation is reflected in most of his works in that they address biological, social, cultural, political and spiritual issues simultaneously. This has led him to use multi-sensoriality in most of his projects.

The project "Once upon a time there was on a planet…" put the artist in a collaborative dependency with living food to represent sociopolitical and spiritual issues. The roots and the vegetables of the plants become the sculptural forms, the means of expression.

"As an artist, I want to be part of the journey of our consciousness in our pursuit of meaning." Pierre Leichner

Discover Pierre Leichner's work also at Emily Carrs Library Window Gallery from June 9th til June 20th.