Lab Art Show

Lab Art Show

Friday, October, 6 - 7pm to 11:30pm
Saturday, October 7 - 7pm to 1:30am
Chinese Cultural Centre
50 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Discover a multidisciplinary art showcase event! W e are raffling free tickets to the exhibition!

International Art Exhibition "Lab Art Show VIII"

Lab Art Show is a multidisciplinary art exhibition - an event where artists have the opportunity to express their talent, network and share their passion.

The goal is to collaborate various styles of art, to break down the perceived barriers of the art world, and to give people the opportunity to experience and collect art in an inviting atmosphere.

Lab Art Show features up to 150 artists and designers from up to 12 countries during which a full roster of performance art, and world entertainment unravels.  

The International Art Exhibition has quickly become the most anticipated event of the year for the fine art professionals and fashion designers.

Witness the collaboration and cohesion of short films, live music, a live body painting exhibit, audiovisuals, paintings, sculptures, acting, contemporary dance, animation, a fashion show and more!

Lab Art Show will host renown Canadian artists such as Chili Thom and Natacha Trottier to celebrate 150 years of Canada, as well as two French artists: Cassandra Lacroix and Aurélia Bizouard.

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