Claudine Pommier

Claudine Pommier

During all Black History Month
Alliance Francaise Auditorium

On the occasion of Black History Month, Claudine Pommier, French director and producer, shares with us some of her best photograph taken in Africa. She is well-knowned for her work about the links between art and women and Africa (The Power of Art : Women's voices in Africa,), but she also participated in many art exhibitions across the world  and she is the founder and director of the organisation "Arts in Action Society".

"I have been fortunate enough to travel through several countries in Africa, first to work on art projects with local artists, then  with the ambition of making documentary films about contemporary Art on the continent. Everywhere, I had the privilege to meet many women going about their daily lives, and some who chose to be professional artists, and may play a vital role in addressing the challenges women are faced with on the African continent.

Photography is certainly one of the best ways to bring back home a very small part of the beauty and strength I encountered.

I would like to mention the following quote from Odile Sorgho-Moulinier (of the United Nations)

“Africa is not only a continent of war and crisis.

There is also an Africa that is alive and well, and is often borne by women” "

- Claudine Pommier