Ensemble Variance

Ensemble Variance

Tuesday, November 3 - 8pm
Studio 700, 700 Hamilton Street

Single Tickets: $39
Students: $15

Ensemble Variances “Cry by Cry / Cri selon cri”

Composer : Thierry Pécou, Lisa Bielawa, John Zorn
Musicians/Main artists: Lisa Bielawa, Ensemble Variances


Ritual cries, cries of love or pain, cries for help… Cries are the expression of a basic language shared by all human beings and the majority of animals. This compelling programme is not only a celebration of cries as a vital force, from Lisa Bielawa’s highly expressive vocalisations to the erotic cries of these Les Machines désirantes / Desiring Machines, but also an encounter between two composers-performers (Pécou from France and Bielawa from the USA) who will interpret their own works in complicity with the Ensemble Variances, leading thus to a real exchange between their respective continents.

Ensemble Variances is supported by the French Ministry of Culture (Drac Haute-Normandie), the Région Haute-Normandie, the Sacem, the City of Rouen and the Odia Haute-Normandie.

The NorthAmerican tour of Ensemble Variances in partnership with the French Institut Paris, the Bureau Export, the Spedidam, and the Adami.

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