Dance Centre Dance In Vancouver

Dance Centre: Dance In Vancouver

Wednesday, November 18 to Sunday, November 22
Holiday Inn, Downtown Vancouver & Scotiabank Dance Centre

Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and originality of our contemporary dance scene: join us for four days of performances, showcasing some of British Columbia’s most exciting companies.

Studio showings, discussions and other events will also take place during Dance In Vancouver: details to be announced.


Save $4 off the regular price on all 5 Dance In Vancouver shows, except for Battery opera productions: M/Hotel ($2 off the regular price).

Use promo code "Alliance Fr" (valid up to one week prior to the opening day of each show and only applies to full price tickets).

More information about the program on the Dance Centre website.

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battery opera productions

Wednesday-Friday November 18-20 - Noon to midnight (performances on the hour)
Holiday Inn Vancouver Downtown Hotel & Suites, 1110 Howe St

Arising from twelve narratives written by battery opera’s David McIntosh while staying in hotels, M/Hotel is a series of site-specific pieces performed for small audiences within the confines of a standard hotel room. Juxtaposed with the perceived neutrality of its environment, the work offers improvised dances, music and narratives that evoke the transient states within human relationships. The undercurrent of anonymous intimacy thick in the air, the audience members encounter resonant stories and consider together the residue of lives lived between destinations.


Shay Kuebler Radical System Art GLORY
Starrwind Dance Projects/Raven Spirit Dance Spine of the Mother

Wednesday November 18, 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

The sensational choreographer and dancer Shay Kuebler blends martial arts, hip hop and contemporary dance to create visceral, high-octane works, incorporating multimedia and visual effects to craft a breathtakingly wild ride. In GLORY he joins an ensemble of daredevil dancers in a work inspired by the epic battles of childhood and a passion for action films, examining the complexities of violent behaviour and its glorification in our media-drenched culture. Starr Muranko’s Spine of the Mother is an innovative collaboration with Indigenous artists in Canada and Peru.  Tracing the inner landscapes of our bodies as women through breath, impulse and memory, the work creates ritual which spans the spine of the mountain range we have shared for millennia.


Ziyian Kwan | dumb instrument Dance a slow awkward
The Biting School The Righteous Floater

Thursday November 19, 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

A slow awkward is a kinetically charged collision of opposing energies. Created and performed by Ziyian Kwan in collaboration with James Gnam, the work embodies violence and vulnerability as a metaphor for the duality of 'feminine and masculine' within us. The resulting duet, which is poignant, unsettling and fierce, reveals the autonomy that accompanies our quest for connection with other people. The Righteous Floater is based on the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, a study of the love, hatred, care, destruction and evil that brothers inflict on each other. Choreographed and performed by brothers Aryo and Arash Khakpour, the work employs full-throttle physicality, deadpan comedy and bold theatricality to devastating effect.


The Three Cornered Hat

Friday November 20, 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

A powerful study of movement, space and human interaction, Jennifer Mascall’s The Three Cornered Hat employs a deeply collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to create a gutsy and energetic investigation of the spaces in-between. Quirky, eccentric and humorous, abstracted notions of human experience are played out in cramped quarters on stage, manipulating the space to mimic modern living. Interconnected vignettes are stitched together by the performers as they construct worlds out of piles of red artists' notebooks, building sculptural structures imbued with meanings. Featuring six outstanding dancers and fusing movement, poetry, video and live music, this is an intimate and engaging work.


MACHiNENOiSY plaything
Vanessa Goodman | Action at a Distance Wells Hill

Saturday November 21, 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Plaything is a vividly imaginative solo created and performed by MACHiNENOiSY's Delia Brett in collaboration with puppeteer Tamara Unroe, animator Jay White, and composer Chris Kelly. Inspired by the contrasts of motherhood, and violent child's play, the work employs a richly multi-layered approach, creating a stunning dreamlike world where beauty emerges from the mundane, and the subversive topples the sublime. The theories of Marshall McLuhan and Glenn Gould, two Canadian luminaries who shared many prescient ideas about how we consume art and information, are at the heart of Vanessa Goodman’s Wells Hill, an exquisitely crafted work which utilizes six superlative dancers and an original score to create a vibrant tapestry of movement, lighting and sound.


Marta Marta Productions
Speaking in Ligeti

Sunday November 22, 4pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

The music of the great Hungarian composer György Ligeti provides the starting point for a dazzling collaboration between contemporary choreographer Martha Carter and the renowned Microcosmos String Quartet. An ensemble of accomplished dancers joins forces with the musicians to tackle Ligeti’s Quartet No. 1, creating a dialogue of movement, sound and rhythm that vibrates with contrasts, energy and deep emotion. Carter deftly transforms the music’s anguished reflection of war into a radiant celebration of the human intellect and spirit, which is performed with empathy and commitment.