My French Film Festival 2020

My French Film Festival 2020

From January 16 through February 16 is an innovative concept that aims to shine a spotlight on new generation French-language filmmakers and to give internet users across the globe the chance to share their enthusiasm for French cinema. Now in its tenth year, the festival returns in 2020 with new films, new partner platforms, and film launches in movie theaters in various countries.


From January 16 through February 16, 2020, film lovers around the world will be able to access films selected in the 10th edition of the world's first online French-language film festival.

The concept

Ten feature films and ten short films are presented in competition, including two features and one short from Belgium. Internet users are invited to rate all of these films and to post their comments on our website. The lineup also includes a Swiss film shown out of competition, a program for young audiences, a VR section, and special screenings.

How to view films

Online: On the platform in all countries. The festival program is also available on around fifty partner platforms, depending on the region concerned, including the Apple TV app.

In theaters:
Film screenings will be held in theaters near you during the festival. All details on theater locations and screening times will be regularly posted on our website.

On airplanes:
MyFrenchFilmFestival will also be available for airline travelers, with films shown on Air France flights for a period of six months. Here too, all details will be posted on our website.

Award winners

Three awards will be presented at the closing of the festival:

The Grand Jury and the International Press Jury will meet in Paris during the festival to elect the winners. Award-winning films will be screened on Air France flights for a period of six months starting in the summer of 2020.

Viewing fees

All of the short films are free of charge in all countries. Every year, the festival offers free viewing in certain countries. This year, films will be free of charge in the following countries and regions: Latin America, Russia, Poland, Romania, Africa, and India.
For other countries:

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