Doxa 2016


May 5-15, 2016
SFU-GCA (149 W Hastings St)

DOXA is very proud to offer a second edition of French French, which includes a retrospective of the work of Claire Simon. Ms. Simon was part of DOXA last year with our first selection of French films, curated by Thierry Garrel. In addition to presenting Géographie humaine (Human Geography), Claire also gave a masterclass and presented a selection of clips from some of her earlier films. This brief glimpse of her extraordinary body of work was enough to launch the idea of a retrospective. We are extremely happy to welcome Claire Simon back to Vancouver with seven of her most celebrated films.

In addition to the retrospective, we have a selection of three new and exciting films. The Final Passage is a 3-D animated portrait of the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Caves. The screening will be accompanied by a talk from Dr. Jean-Michel Geneste and Patricia Marquet Geneste. Antoine Boutet’s South to North, a look at the largest water transfer project in China, is documentary on an epic scale. Nathalie Loubeyre’s film Flow Mechanics examines the refugee crisis through grainy surveillance footage and infrared cameras.

Learn more about French French here.

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