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Early learning of languages is a key factor to acquire adequate skills and progress steadily in other subjects at school. It enhances acquisition learning skills and prepares the child to deal with different scopes.

At Alliance Française, we are specialized in children classes. We prepare kids to follow French programs, to acquire the basis for entering the best programs, and to progress steadily. We also propose those classes to prepare the A1.1, A1 and A2 DELF Prim' diplomas. Our courses are a great asset for kids studying French. DELF allows to get external credits.

We use the Zoom method, édition Maison des Langues, a very dynamic textbook split in 3 levels, especially designed for children 8 to 10 years old with lots of contents, grammar, vocabulary and tools (integrated preparation for the DELF Prim', audio CD, grammar rules explained for children, etc.). This textbook enhances the development of communication skills, both oral and written.

At the end of each session of French class, students will be tested and will receive a certificate of achievement.

We also offer special French classes for children in French Immersion.

4 to 6pm 4 to 6pm 4 to 6pm 4 to 6pm 4 to 6pm 1:35 to 3:35pm 10am to 12pm

See our calendar page for exact dates.

Catch-up lessons: If a class is missed, your child can take a catch-up lesson with his/her teacher before or after his/her regular class. For 2 hours of class missed, he/she can take a 30-minute catch-up class at $25

From only $14/hour. All prices are subject to change without notice.
Books and registration fees are not included in the tuition fee.
New students: a placement test is required for non-beginners. Please call us to book an appointment.
To cover one book, you will need to take classes during 3 standard sessions.
Your level may not be available on each day.

It all comes with BONJOUR