Science Exposed


© Migration paths, Baptiste Charrier

Science Exposed is a contest organized by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and devoted exclusively to images of scientific research, in all fields of study. In 2016, NSERC was proud to collaborate with Acfas and open La preuve par l'image to candidates all across Canada.

Acfas is responsible for the Francophone segment of the contest, La preuve par l'image, and NSERC is responsible for the Anglophone segment, Science Exposed.

Discover the 20 finalists of the 2021 edition of La preuve par l'image!

Accessible to all audiences
 International artists



Artworks:   Brightly coloured portrait, Margot Angibaud ■  Cell agglomeration, Éric Tamigneaux, Isabelle Gendron-Lemieux and Lisandre Gilmore-Solomon ■  Extremely rare rhinoceros beetle, Stéphane Le Tirant and René Limoges ■ Frost flower, Manon Favre and Julie Genoyer  ■  Fluorescent currents, Élie Dumas-Lefebvre ■  How metastases occur, Priya Gatti ■  Saving its skin, Léa Fieschi-Méric ■  Migration paths, Baptiste Charrier ■  Nanometric salt desert, Paul Fourmont ■  Frozen arborescence, Bastien Lecigne ■  Microbial sun, Léa Museau ■  Windows on the sea, Jérémy Baudry ■  Snowball effect, Mathieu Lapointe ■  Zombie fly, Julien Saguez ■  One flew over an ice canoe, Dany Dumont and Peter Sutherland ■  Watch out! Deadly plankton!, Fatma Dhifallah  ■  Neural network clean-up, Céline Larivière-Loiselle  ■  Casting light on ground relief, Guillaume Légaré-Couture ■  Elementary fibres, Facundo Sosa-Rey ■  Life through rose-coloured glasses, Thierry Boislard