La Forêt Ébouriffée


La Foret Ebouriffee in Vancouver

This pleasantly charming performance is a poetic choreographic performance that tells the story of Racine, a young boy with a particular situation: a forest in his head that takes him on many adventures. Prepare for a moment of enchantment that will delight both young children and adults!

The dance 

Public : Families (suggested from 6 years old +)

Racine is not a little boy like the others; nobody saw that a forest had grown in his head. Fleeing from a hostile grandmother and a distressing daily life, he runs to take refuge there. And it is in an invasive forest, changing according to his emotions, that the little boy will live the most unexpected adventures, drawing the path that leads him to himself little by little.

Here, the universe of the choreographers intertwines with the singular imagination of Mélusine Thiry, author, illustrator, and video artist. The scenographic setup and the videos allow a poetic journey between virtual images and moving bodies to immerse the spectator in a sensitive and singular world.

Christian and Francois Ben Aïm Dance Company

For more than twenty years, the Ben Aïm brothers, Christian and François, have developed a rich body of work abounding in poetry and high standards, interlaced with a brotherly bond and singularity.

In the wake of their cross-disciplinary training in dance, physical theatre and circus arts, each one followed their own career as performers. In 1997, the brothers joined forces to create À l’abri du regard des hommes, avant d’aller mourir ailleurs, a hybrid performance in dance and theatre, thus embarking on a partnership that would lead to some twenty original pieces, deeply rooted in their grassroots work while also being produced abroad.

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