Vancaf 2019

Vancaf 2019

Friday, May 17 - 6pm
Vancouver Public Library

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As part of the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, we invite you to a special event organized with the General French Consulate in Vancouver: 

A panel with a French comics author

Meet the author Bessora, who will be touring in Canada for several days and will be in Vancouver for this special event. She will introduce you to her world and present her work. The panel will be in French, led by Marc Fournier.

Bessora is an award-winning author of Swiss, German, French, Polish, and Gabonese heritage, whose work has been anthologized in Best European Fiction and has received the Fénéon Prize and Grand Prix Littéraire d’Afrique Noire. Raised in Europe, America, and Africa, she has traveled extensively, and her fiction is underpinned by extensive research and her training as an anthropologist. Alpha: Abidjan to Paris, created with illustrator Barroux. is her first graphic novel. 

Alpha: Abidjan to Paris. A graphic novel by Bessora, illustrated by Barroux. Translated from the French by Sarah Ardizzone

Alpha chronicles the story of a man on a journey to find his family and a better life, but his story could easily apply to the tens of thousands others who are seeking refuge. This is the painful tale of the refugee journey.
Alpha is from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa. The book is written in first person, in a manner as if the reader and Alpha are sitting together at a coffeeshop, as a family member or dear friend would recant their trials and tribulations to a trusted confidant. The text is blunt, matter of fact, but also painfully deep and poetic. 

Photos ©Jean-Hugues Berrou