lecture: the Gallipoli campaign 1915-1916

Thursday, June 26 - 6:30pm
Aliance Française Auditorium

The Gallipoli campaign in World War I could have altered the course of Eastern European and Middle-Eastern history. Britain and France launched this campaign in 1915 in order to restore communication with their ally Russia and to knock Turkey (an ally of Germany and Austria-Hungary) out of the war. The campaign ended in failure.

While the Gallipoli campaign was part of a potentially brilliant strategy, it was planned and executed very poorly. Turkey and Germany were able to prevent the Allies from breaking into the Black Sea and linking up with Russia.

This lecture, presented by Michael Huenefeld, will attempt to discuss, for the general public, this little known but critical chapter of World War I. This lecture will also explore the role that French and Canadian forces played at Gallipoli.

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