EU Bookclub Greece 2020

Eu Book Club | GREECE | Three Summers

WHEN | Sunday, 6th December 2020 - 2pm

WHAT | Organized by the Consulate General of Greece in Vancouver and EUNIC Canada-Vancouver, in collaboration with the Vancouver Public Library, the next EU Book Club meeting will be moderated by Sophia Karasouli-Milobar (VPL) and Eirini Kotsovili (SFU), on the Greek novel “Three Summers“ (Τα Ψάθινα Καπέλα).

HOW | The Book Club is Free and will be hosted online through Zoom, link will be provided by email after RSVP HERE RSVP HERE

“The novel tells the story of three sisters living outside Athens: Maria, Infanta, and Katerina, the youngest, who tells the tale. The house where they live with their mother, aunt, and grandfather is in the countryside. Focusing on the sisters’ daily life and first loves, as well as on a secret about their Polish grandmother, the novel is about growing up and how strange and exciting it is to discover the curious moods and desires that constitute you and your difference from other people. It also features a stable cast of friends and neighbours, all with their own unexpected opinions: the self-involved Laura Parigori; the studious astronomer David and his Jewish mother, Ruth, from England; and the carefree Captain Andreas. The book is adventurous, fantastical, romantic, down to earth, earthy, and, above all, warm. Its only season, after all, is summer.”
Karen Van Dyck, “Three Sisters, Three Summers in the Greek Countryside,” The Paris Review, July 16, 2019.

Copies available at: VPL,,, (e book/paper back).

“Margarita Liberaki (1919–2001) was born in Athens and raised by her grandparents, who ran the Fexis bookstore and publishing house. In addition to Three Summers, an NYRB Classics title, she wrote two further novels, The Other Alexander (1950) and The Mystery (1976); a number of plays, including Candaules’ Wife (1955) and The Danaïds (1956), part of a cycle she called Mythical Theater; several screenplays, including Jules Dassin’s Phaedra (1962) and Diaspora (1999), about Greek intellectuals in exile in Paris during the junta; and a translation of Treasure Island (2000). Three Summers is now a standard part of Greek and Cypriot public education; it was adapted as a television miniseries in 1995.”
New York Review of Books

Sophia Karasouli-Milobar (VPL) and Eirini Kotsovili (SFU)

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