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European Book Club: Under Dark Waters

by Bernadette Calonego

Wednesday, December 9, - 7 pm
Alma VanDusen, Lower Level
Central Library, 3
50 West Georgia St.

Diamonds. Murder. Betrayal. International mystery writer Bernadette Calonego reads from her latest thriller Under Dark Waters. In this suspenseful and intriguing book, historian Sonya Werner travels to British Columbia’s North in search of answers to her husband’s suspicious death. Swiss-born Bernadette Calonego, a foreign correspondent for European Media in Canada, has gained a growing following in Canada and the U.S.


Driven by lingering pain and grief, historian Sonya Werner leaves her home in Switzerland to travel across the world. Officially, she’s tracking down the German author Else Seel, who had left Berlin in the 1920s to marry a Canadian trapper and homestead in the wild woods of British Columbia. But the real reason for her trip is much more difficult to face: three years before, her husband took off to this part of the world on one of his usual mountain-climbing adventures, and never returned. Only after the police brought her word of his death—and the mysterious circumstances in which they found him—did Sonya discover the simultaneous disappearance of her beautiful best friend, Odette, and the possibility that her husband had been lying to her all along.

Now, haunted by sorrow and jealousy, Sonya sets out on a dangerous mission to discover the truth, and to try to put back together the pieces of her broken heart.


Bernadette Calonego was born in Switzerland and grew up on the shores of Lake Lucerne. She was just eleven years old when she published her first story, a fairy tale, in a Swiss newspaper. She went on to earn a teaching degree from the University of Fribourg. Calonego taught in England and Switzerland, then worked as a journalist with the Reuters news agency and a series of German newspapers. After moving to Canada, she began writing fiction. Calonego has published stories in Vogue, GEO, and SZ Magazine and is the author of three novels. She lives near Vancouver.


Admission is free, but please come early as this is a popular event.

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