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in 2019, celebrate with us our 115th anniversary

In May 1904, the adventure of the AFV started! To mark this special year, we want to celebrate our 115th anniversary with an eye to the future and with a special thanks to our community. Stay tuned for all the events that will take place in the next few months and keep an eye on our social media for special throwbacks to the history of our organization. 

We want to start the celebrations with a special thanks to the community that helped us achieve these 115 years of success: our students, our members, our board members, our volunteers, our partners and, of course, our team! 


To thank our community, we would like to shine the spotlight on our people.
Our amazing receptionist Julie Benard is also a great photographer. We entrusted her with the mission to realize a portrait gallery throughout the year. You are a student, a volunteer, a partner, a member, a friend? Our goal is to realize 50 portraits to embody our community!

You have a special story with the AFV you would like to share
or you just want to participate ?
Just let us know by email and join a fun adventure! 

It all comes with BONJOUR