Delf & Dalf

Delf & Dalf

The DELF (Diploma of French Language Studies) and the DALF (Further Diploma of French Language Studies) are the first lifelong diplomas of French as a second language with international recognition. Today, there are 900 exam centers in 154 countries that offer the DELF and the DALF - for a total of 320,000 candidates around the world each year. Since their inception in 1985 there have been 2,500,000 candidates.


At each level a series of tests assesses the four skills:

How do I know my level?


A1 Discovery Completed within 80 hours. Students are able to introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies, explain where they live, describe relationships, etc.

A2 Intermediate Completed within 120 hours. Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar subjects.

B1 Independent
Completed within 160 hours. Many of our students aim to reach a B1 level which enables them to interact with ease in French on familiar topics with native speakers.

B2 Advanced Completed within 180 hours. Students are able to communicate with spontaneity and ease. It is also the level of language proficiency that most French universities require from undergraduate foreign students.

C1 Autonomous Completed within 230 hours. Students are able to express themselves spontaneously and fluently in social, professional and academic situations without any apparent difficulty in finding the right words.

C2 Master Students are able to effortlessly understand almost everything they read or hear and can speak and express themselves like native French speakers.

Did you know? The examinations are independent, candidates can register for a level without any prerequisite for the examination of their choice. The diploma is valid for life!

Next sessions & registration dates:

Next sessions Registration dates
from June 14 to 18, 2021 from April 27 to May 25, 2021, 12PM
Level offered Date of each exams
A1 Monday June 14, 2021 (collective and oral exams)
A2 Tuesday June 15, 2021 (collective and oral exams)
B1 Wednesday, June 16, 2021 (collective and oral exams)
B2 Thursday, June 17, 2021 (collective exam and oral exams))
C1 Friday, June 18, 2021 (collective exam) +
tbc: Friday June 25, 2021 (oral exam)
C2 Monday June 14, 2021 (collective exams)
tbc: Tuesday June 15, 2021 (oral exams)
from November 1 to 5, 2021 from September 28 to October 19, 2021, 12PM

Choose your level and pay online:

DELF and DALF levels (click on the level to register) Prices*
DELF A1 (Adults) $125
DELF A2 (Adults) $125
DELF B1 (Adults) $195
DELF B2 (Adults) $195
DALF C1 (Adults) $275
DALF C2 (Adults) $275

Download, fill, and send us the DELF/DALF form:


Your registration will be complete
only once we have received the form + the payment.
You can choose either to pay online on our website or to indicate your credit card on the form (only Visa and Mastercard).

You can also find more information about DELF and DALF on the Canadian platform for DELF of the French Embassy.

*Prices subject to change.
Our members have a 10% discount on the DELF/DALF exam.
Sample subjects: DELF ; DALF.
Collective exam starts at 9am. Individual oral tests take place thereafter or within two weeks of the collective test. Please note that candidates cannot choose the time of their individual test. Exam to be held at 6161 Cambie street, Vancouver, BC.

Due to the current social distancing measures, levels have very limited seats. Candidates must wear masks.