Why Choose us?


Alliance Française de Vancouver has expertise in teaching French since 1904 in Vancouver.

Courses are focused on communication and action-based skills based on the Common European Framework for Languages, a standard reference adopted by dozens of educational systems worldwide. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards enhance our students' learning.

We are proud of our experienced, qualified and French-speaking instructors. You will get a personalized and continuous monitoring throughout the learning process by the teachers.

Our classes are essential to advance in your career or in the government, in Canada and abroad. If you have a child, our French training starts at an early age (5 years old) to prepare his/her future (admission to a French immersion program, obtain French external credits in high-school, facilitate admission in the best universities, access to higher-paying job in the government, etc.).

Learn in a French environment with a 100% French immersive learner experience inside the classroom, with services in French at the front desk (or English, or Mandarin), and with our French multimedia library. Also, our classes are limited to 15 students so it gives you more time for oral expression.

Standard courses from only $14.65/hour and tuition fees are tax-deductible. We offer a large selection of levels, schedules, and premises to fit your needs.

Being a student or a member of the Alliance française de Vancouver gives you access to a large range of language and cultural activities allowing you to practice your French, to diversify your knowledge and to discover French culture at your own pace.


"I am attending my second session of beginner classes at Alliance Francaise de Vancouver. I travel a long way to come to Alliance Francaise de Vancouver; one hour each way because of the quality of teaching, the small class size and the cultural elements available to every student. A warm welcome from the receptionist at the front desk made me feel at ease as a new student, and at no time has any question been too much trouble. The rate of $13 per hour is well worth the investment."
Marie, level A1, group class.

"I signed up for French courses at Alliance Française in Vancouver to try to improve my rusty and inadequate schoolboy French to enable me to handle and better enjoy business trips and family holidays in France. The courses have been great: challenging but not daunting, hugely interesting, and designed to get you speaking, understanding, reading and writing good French as quickly as possible. The materials and methods used are excellent, aimed at an adult audience, and have greatly enhanced my knowledge of France and French people at the same time as rapidly improving my French language skills. I have found my teachers to be friendly, empathetic, experienced professionals and the whole Alliance Française experience has been a positive one for me - I can't recommend Alliance Française highly enough, or wait for my next trip to France to hear my French friends tell me how much my language skills have improved."
Paul, level B2, group class.

"I've been taking french classes since 2009. My lessons are always dynamic and well structured. I appreciate my teacher's expertise and ability to adopt the lesson to my needs. We work in a relaxed atmosphere where I can learn at my own pace. To me, learning a new language it's not only about attending the classes and doing your homework diligently. It's a whole lot more then that. I'm excited to have access to a nice collection of french movies, books, CDs and magazines. The staff members are great and encouraging. (If you want to get a hint of an authentic french atmosphere and learn a bit more about french culture this is the right place to come)."
Romana, level A2, private class.

"When I decided to take steps to improve my ability to speak and write French, I researched the institutions in Vancouver that offer instruction in French. I decided on Alliance Francaise for a number of reasons. Alliance Francaise is staffed by highly qualified professionals who are trained to teach both adults and children. With Alliance Francaise, students are given the opportunity of abtaining diplomas of proficiency at different levels. The diplomas are recognized in a number of educational institutions around the world, as well as in the school system in BC. The course materials are interesting, innovative, and extremely well organized. The teaching methods focus very effectively on the development of oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production, and written production. The standards of excellence at Alliance Francaise appeal to me. I feel that I am working in a close partnership with my instructor to achieve my goals. I have also found a warm, supportive and hospitable environment in which to learn."
Mary, level B1, private class.

"The instructors and staff are courteous and friendly. The teaching plan is both comprehensive and challenging. Their focus is on interactive participation between themselves and their students. This approach is dynamic and offers immediate feedback on just where each of us are in our journey to becoming proficient in french."
Glen, level A1, group class.

"Alliance Française is well renown worldwide and I am fortunate to be pursuing French Adult classes. In addition, the student is able to pursue French exams that are locally and internationally recognized. The professionally trained lecturers provide an elaborate style of French tutoring, which is valuable and superb! The classes the institution offers vary from children to adult classes, each with its distinctive way of learning. The classes utilize print, audio and audiovisual media as learning tools for a student to be trained in French effectively. The library is also enriched with valuable French-oriented books, magazines, CDs, and other valuable sources of French vocabulary and grammar. I have progressed immensely in my French, both in oral and written modes. Alliance Française is currently providing the best French classes at reasonable costs."
Susan, level A1, group class.

"I was referred to AF by my cousin. She was a B1 student of AF in Shanghai. She convinced me the curriculum is fun to learn. After attending merely 3 terms in 6 month, I am able to carry simple conversations in French. These practical topics that the book covers relate to daily life. When I visited Paris in September, I don't feel I am a completely foreigner because signs of restaurants, shops, transportations start making senses to me. Besides regular classes, AF organizes exhibitions, lectures, movies, concerts, festival celebrations and etc to help me appreciate French culture more. Our family will move to France in 2013. I think by continue learning at AF will prepare me well for the relocation."
Charlene, level A1, group class.