Online classes


Adult French classes transitioned to 100% online...

using interactive video conferencing and our new online learning platform to stay connected with the class!

Alliance Francaise and its teachers is offering a new online French program tailored for adult students.

  • 2 hours per week of face-to-face distance learning to improve interaction with the teacher, other students, and work on skills such as: listening, speaking, interacting, reading, and writing, using our famous method recognized around the world; plus
  • online access to our new platform "AF Student Portal" where students can complete assignments and stay connected with the class, and also share documents, links, audio, and video with the class and the teacher, or even ask random questions!
  • online access to Cosmopolite mp3 audios, videos, and additional exercises/activities through the Parcours Digital

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At the Alliance Française, our very popular general French classes will allow you to develop all five skills: speaking, interacting, listening, reading and writing; and provides you with a wealth of intercultural insight.

Through specific communication objectives and interactive activities, you will progress from basic communication situations to more complex interactions, where you must organize your ideas in order to inform, explain, narrate, convince, argue, or speak in public.

Our classes are based on the recommendations of the CEFR (the Common European Framework for Languages), a standard reference adopted by dozens of educational systems worldwide. We used in that regards the textbook Cosmopolite, éditions Hachette FLE.

Alliance Française adopted a new textbook for its French classes: Cosmopolite from Hachette, leader in French as Second Language materials publishing. It is a modern communication-based method with exciting new topics and up-to-date documents.

Mp3 audios, videos, and additional exercises/activities through the Parcours Digital are available online:
NEW: the app “Media + Hachette” is a new convenient way to access all media from Cosmopolite: simply install the app and take a picture of the page you are working on! Available on iPhones and Android phones.

Please click here to read about the different levels we offer.

Click on the "Choose and order a course" link below for the complete schedule of our current French classes. If you are a complete beginner, follow the steps and choose our A1 Discovery level then A1 Discovery part 1 schedule.


TWICE-A-WEEK CLASSES $410 (4 hours a week for 7 weeks)
9:30 - 11:30am 9:30 - 11:30am
6:05 - 8:05pm 6:05 - 8:05pm

ONCE-A-WEEK CLASSES $212 (2 hours a week for 7 weeks) 
6:05 - 8:05pm 6:05 - 8:05pm 6:05 - 8:05pm 9 - 11am
11:05 - 1:05pm

See our calendar page for exact dates.

Catch-up lessons: If a class is missed, you can take a catch-up lesson with your teacher before or after your regular class. For 2 hours of class missed, you can take a 30-minute catch-up class at $25.25

Fast-track classes: We also offer intensive sessions in the morning or evening. Click here for more details.

Lunch time classes in Downtown: We  offer French classes during lunch time in Gastown, Vancouver. Click here for more details.

From only $14.65/hour. All prices are subject to change without notice.
Books and registration fees are not included in the tuition fee.
New students: a placement test is required for non-beginners. You can take your test online.
To cover one book, you will need to take 5 sessions of classes twice a week (or equivalent).
Your level may not be available on each day and each location.