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A2.1 Intermediate Prim' (8) Part C

Product Code: 202P403 S1 2019/2020

Age Group Kids: 8 to 10 years old
Type One class a week for Kids
Session 2019/2020 - Winter session
Pace 1.5 hours per week
Level A2.1 Intermediate Prim' (8)
Schedules 11 Jan 2020 to 04 Apr 2020
  • Saturday - 1:35pm to 3:05pm at Vancouver > Room 102 (Raphaelle Ruiz)
Note: NO CLASS MAR 21 (Enfants trop jeunes pour Zoom 3)
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course (members are exempt).

Children will be able to understand and use more unfamiliar expressions and give more details. They will be able to ask and answer questions about less familiar subjects such as tourism, science, professions, unfamiliar animals, etc. Children will be able to understand and talk about very familiar past and future activities.

Required Course Material
$49.00 CAD
Loustics 2 (Set of 2 books)

An efficient, challenging, fun and dynamic French method tailored for kids between 5 and 8 years old.​​

$265.00 CAD
Approx $200.54 USD
It all comes with BONJOUR