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Our levels are based on a two classes of 2 hours a week pace. Please note that you need two sessions of this selected pace to complete any level (Split in parts A & B).
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B1.1 Independent Part 4A

Product Code: 184B102A S11 2017/2018

Age Group Adults
Type One class of 2 hours a week
Session 2017/2018 - Session 4
Pace 2 hours per week over 7 weeks
Duration 14 hours
Level B1.1 Independent
Note: NO CLASS MARCH 24, 31
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course (members are exempt).

B1.1 Independent from part 1 to 4.

In these 4 sublevels, students will brush up their French and develop their ability to speak and...

  • Give your opinion and justify your choice;
  • Evoke a life change;
  • Describe past events;
  • Use the subjunctive to express goals or achievements;
  • Discover complex sentence structures such as "si + conditionnel passe";
  • Express cause and consequences.
  • Express an opinion and justify a choice;
  • Understand the use of subjunctive and/or indicative in complex sentence structure;
  • Talk about physical appearance, describe people and behavior;
  • Learn how to give advice, orders, make suggestions or reproaches using the subjunctive;
  • Talk about consumption, negotiate a price, write an e-mail or a complaint.

Prerequisite: A2 part 5 or placement test.
Textbooks: from part 1: Alter Ego + 2, unit 6 to part 4: Alter-Ego + 3 unit 4.

From Saturday, 17 Mar 2018 to Saturday, 12 May 2018
  • Saturday - 11:05 to 13:05 - Auditorium (Landry LUSTIG)
Required Course Material
$55.00 CAD
Alter Ego + 3 (Set of 2 books)
Alter Ego+ is one of the most popular French as a foreign language textbook worldwide.It was designed by a team of teachers-trainers of the Alliance Française de Paris-Ile-de-France.<br _needs_ws="true" />This includes Alter-Ego + 3 textbook, workbook, CD-ROM and Audio CD (levels B1.1 Independent Part 3 to B1.2 Independent Part 4)
$204.00 CAD
Approx $155.92 USD
It all comes with BONJOUR