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Your previous selection: A1.1 Discovery Prim' (P)

Children will be able to participate in a regular and basic interaction through simple statements: introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies, describe their family members, talk about animals, objects, colors etc. Choose this level if your child is a beginner.

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Available Courses: 2

A1.1 Discovery Prim' Part A

Is your child a complete beginner? This level is for him/her.

In this class, children will learn how to:
- Greet someone.
- Give his/her name and ask for somebody's name.

Prerequisite: no prior knowledge of French whatsoever.
Textbooks: Ludo 1, units 1 and 2.

Available Courses: 1

A1.1 Discovery Prim' Part C

In this class, children will learn how to:
- Describe yourself.
- Present his/her family.
- Ask how somebody is doing.

Prerequisite: A1.1 Part B or Placement test.
Textbooks: Ludo 1, unit 4.

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