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The Alliance Française is the largest cultural network in the world with 834 centers in 132 countries and more than 490,000 students every year.

In Canada, our network numbers 9 Alliance Française (Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Toronto, Moncton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax), more than 160 expert teachers and 12,500 students per year.

In Vancouver, the Alliance Française of Vancouver has been actively promoting interest in the French language and culture since 1904. We are a non-profit cultural and educational association managed by a board of directors elected by its members. It is our mission to foster the appreciation of French culture through cultural events and to offer French language courses to all.

Worldwide, the Fondation Alliance Française in Paris is in charge of coordinating and developing the network.

Our missions:

  • To offer French courses to all audiences
  • To raise awareness of French and French-speaking world cultures, in all of their dimensions
  • To promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures

Why learning French?

To start learning French at an early age is a wise choice, either to prepare admission to the high quality immersion program, or to obtain French credits more easily and then prepare and facilitate the admission to the best universities in the country and abroad.

The French language provides tools to function in social and professional life, as Canada's official language and access to government jobs and public service. Fluency in French is essential to advance in your career or in the government.
French is important for a good international projection: whether in Europe, where French is spoken in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, where it is a working language in the European Union, it is also the second language most studied in school after English in Africa, land of opportunity where it is the most common vernacular language, after English. French is important in the Middle East, Lebanon, or even in many international institutions that have French as an official language (IOC, UN ...). French is also an international language of access for culture, while remaining an important language in sciences and mathematics.

To invest in the success of one’s child French language training in Canada and British Columbia is a strategic choice for all families.

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